Odeon Ensemble Program

Odeon was founded in 2000 by Monica Kelly. In 2006 it merged with Bay Chamber and has grown to over 40 members and three ensembles. Members of Odeon Ensembles are given the opportunity for complimentary tickets to select concerts each year. Participation in the Odeon Ensemble program is free to students fully enrolled in Bay Chamber’s private instruction program.

  • The mission of the Odeon Ensemble Program is to offer musicians the opportunity to:
  • Play in a variety of ensemble settings, including full orchestra, chamber ensembles and as soloists.
  • Develop the musical skills necessary for ensemble play.
  • Foster connections between players in the program, both in and outside of rehearsals.
  • Perform orchestral and other string works in concert settings that are open to the public.

Odeon Allegro Ensemble – (youth ensemble for strings only)
A wonderful first experience ensemble for novice string players, Odeon Allegro is open to students with at least one year of violin, viola, cello, harp, bass, or piano who are comfortable reading music and playing in the keys of A, D, C, and G. Allegro opens a new world of ensemble playing while reinforcing technique and reading skills. Allegro is perfect for those Suzuki students who are becoming comfortable reading music, excited about playing more complex arrangements and joining with violists, cellists and bassists to create a full strings ensemble. Allegro will be team taught by Colin Wheatley, viola; and Nate Martin, bass.

Odeon Chamber Orchestra – An inter-generational auditioned ensemble.
Musicians from our musical community who are seeking a musical challenge beyond our current options are invited to audition for this advanced chamber ensemble. Strings, winds and brass musicians who are comfortable with playing challenging repertoire from the great works of history are encouraged to participate. Led by Deirdre McClure. Those interested in auditioning should contact the office for details on repertoire choices to prepare.

Odeon Adult Orchestra – no audition necessary
The Odeon Adult Orchestra is designed for adult string and wind players at the intermediate level or above. It offers musicians in the local area a warm and welcoming place to play exciting music, learn ensemble skills, and build camaraderie. Works from the great orchestral repertoire will be explored in a friendly and supportive environment. No auditions are required to participate in Odeon Adult Ensemble, conducted by Deirdre McClure.


Mondays beginning September 23, 2019
4:00-4:45PM Odeon Allegro

Tuesdays beginning September 17, 2019
5:00-6:45PM Odeon Chamber Orchestra

7-9PM Odeon Adult Orchestra


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