Jazz Ensemble and Guitar Workshop/Ensemble

Jazz and Guitar Ensembles

Jazz Ensemble
Date & Time: Mondays 6:30 – 7:30PM
Cost: $180 for the 12 week fall session
Instructors: Mike Whitehead and Nate Martin

Explore jazz in a fun supportive environment.
We will be using simple jazz/blues tunes to explore the key components of jazz; rhythm, harmony, melody, improvisation and group interplay. Come to learn what jazz is all about or to expand your existing knowledge. All instruments and voices are welcome.

The Jazz Ensemble is free for any students currently enrolled in private-instruction at Bay Chamber Music School.

Guitar Workshop & Ensemble
Date & Time: First Wednesday of the Month, 10:30AM-Noon

Cost: $75/semester (5 sessions) or $20 to drop-in
Instructor: Jeff Rojo

Bay Chamber would like to invite classical guitarists to the monthly Guitar Workshop & Ensemble beginning on September 5th. The workshop takes place the first Wednesday of every month in the Recital Hall at Bay Chamber Music School from 10:30AM until Noon. These workshops focus on how to improve musicianship skills, warm-up techniques, tone production, form analysis, building repertoire, style and interpretation in solo and group settings. The workshops are coached and directed by Jeff Rojo, Bay Chamber Classical Guitar Faculty.

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The Bay Chamber Approach
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