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Palaver Strings - Voice in the Crowd

Saturday, Aug 18, 2018, 5:30pm

Pascal Hall, Rockport

Palaver Strings

The truly personal voice of composer Ian Gottlieb expands the boundaries of the string orchestra medium, interweaving unity and individuality in a multitudinous fabric of solo lines. His concerto grosso, The River is Everywhere, written for Palaver Strings, alongside the tender Mother and Child by STILL and the exuberant Sinfonia No. 2 by a 12-year old Mendelssohn, explore the relationships between the individual and the group, the self and the other. From moments of unity, peace, tenderness, and joy, to those of tension, chaos, and conflict, this concert explores our need to be heard, and our struggle to balance that in the cacophonous world in which we live.

MENDELSSOHN Sinfonia No. 2 in D Major
IAN GOTTLIEB The River is Everywhere

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  • VOICE IN THE CROWD PRE-CONCERT TALK - 4:30 - 5:10PM at Pascal Hall

Join Los Angeles-based composer and cellist Ian Gottlieb (b. 1990) for a pre-concert talk about his life, work, and the piece he wrote for Palaver Strings featured in this concert - The River is Everywhere. Ian’s music grapples with nostalgia, mysticism, folk tradition, eclecticism, and spirituality and has been performed by many prestigious international ensembles and artists. Enrich your concert experience with a pre-concert conversation led by this inspiring young composer.

Tickets: $30 Adult, $10 Under age 25