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Saturday, Aug 16, 2014, 9:00pm

Union Hall, Rockport

Geoff Nuttall, violin; Parker QuartetJames Austin Smith, oboe; Lucille Chung, piano; Adrian Morejon, bassoon; Margaret Dyer, viola; Christopher Costanza, cello

Nico Muhly – Music from The Reader
Elliot Carter – "Au Quai" for bassoon and viola
Tchaikovsky – Souvenir de Florence

The lush romanticism of Tchaikovsky‘s passionately Italianate Souvenir, and the cinematically sumptuous music of Nico Muhly, whose skyrocketing global career makes him the current star of the new music scene, surround the sharp jagged edges of Elliot Carter‘s "Au Quai". A program of contrasts and juxtapositions.