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Bach for Breakfast – Part 5

Sunday, Aug 20, 2017, 10:00am

Pascal Hall, Rockport



The final part of our adventure in the historical environment of Bach’s great solo violin music.

Bach For Breakfast repertoire and references

Day 1
Adagio from Partita no 1 in g minor (Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750)
Preludio, Pedro Lopez de Noguiera  (17th century Portugal)
Prelude  (g major)  from The Division Violin John Playford (1684)
Prelude from partita no V in g minor Johann Vilsmayr (1715 Salzburg)
Adagio from partita no 2 in a minor (JS Bach)
1st movement from Solo Sonata in a minor Johann Georg Pisendel (1688- 1755)

Day 2
Partita 5 in g minor. Vilsmayr
Partita 6 in a major, Johan Paul van Westhoff (1656-1705)
Partita 2 in d minor (Allemande, Corrente, Sarabande, Gigue)

Readings from Dance and the Music of JS Bach, Meredith Little and Natalie Jenne

Day 3
Passacaglia Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644- 1704)
Chaconne from Partita 2 in Bb major  Vilsmayr/Freivogel
Ciaccona from Partita 2 in d minor JS Bach

Readings from Upstream,  Mary Oliver

Day 4
Fantasia 7 in Eb Major,  Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767)
Prelude and Allegro from sonata in a minor for solo violin, Pisendel
Chromatic Fantasy, JS Bach/Dan Stepner
Fantasy 12 in a minor, GF Telemann

Day 5
Suite for Solo violin,  Noguiera
Preludio- Fantasia- Fantasia-Fantasia
Sonata no 3 in C major,  JS Bach
Adagio- Fuga- Largo- Allegro

Bach for Breakfast Series Underwriter

Carole Brand

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