Marketing Opportunities


We invite you to join in a partnership that will provide you with opportunities for product visibility while bringing music and inspiration to thousands across Mid-Coast Maine.

Underwriting and Sponsorships associated with a Bay Chamber Concert, Performance Series and Music School Education programs will present you to:

  • More than 10,000 concert goers with average household incomes of $75,000 – $100,000;
  • Patrons looking for things to do, to see and to purchase:
  1. 40% of Bay Chamber summer audiences come from out-of-state
  2. For every $1 spent on concert tickets, arts patrons spend an average of $3 at local businesses.

In choosing to Market with Bay Chamber, you will

  • Enable thousands of school children attend free matinees annually
  • Ensure affordable music education for all, regardless of economic circumstance
  • Provide scholarships to more than 40% students enrolled at Bay Chamber
  • Build Community Connections with the Teen Parents Program, Maine State Prison, Assisted Living facilities and more
  • Award $23,000 in prizes to aspiring young musicians across Maine, and the Andrew Wolf Memorial Award
  • Help Present over 40 world-class performances throughout Mid-Coast Maine


Increase your business footprint by partnering with Bay Chamber. We will be pleased to work closely with you to customize a plan.

Please see our Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities PDF in the sidebar for more information.

For any additional questions please contact:

Britta-Lena Lasko
Development Officer
(207) 236-2823 x106


All Charitable Contributions directly support Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School and affirm our mission to enrich lives through high-quality performances, music education and community engagement.