Group Classes

Ukulele Group Classes

"There is a ukulele revolution going on…" An accessible, portable, inexpensive instrument for all ages, the ukulele can enrich your life and add a new dimension to family and community music making. In the 8-week courses students will learn the basic chords and strums necessary to play a varied repertoire of popular, folk and classical music. Resources will be made available to explore the instrument above and beyond this basic course. Students provide their own instrument and tuner. The instructor will provide the music, instruction and inspiration. Ukulele: it makes people happy!

uke class

Ukulele Group Class
Day & Time: Mondays 6:30-7:30PM

Cost: $60/6-week session
Instructor: Jeff Weinberger

The main theme of this class will be "The right strum for the song". A common question is how to know what strum is appropriate for any given song. We will look at music from many genres and seek the answers to this question. The class will perform these songs together as a group after practicing them and getting to know them. A sub theme of the class will be melodic playing and how to handle the single note melodies in these songs. Those who are comfortable with that aspect, will play the melodic parts while others perform the strumming parts to form an ensemble sound. This is a performance oriented class with an emphasis on lots of hands on group playing.

Sax and Guitar

Jazz Ensemble

Date & Time: Mondays 6:30 – 7:30PM

Starting March 5
Cost: $80/ 8 week session
Instructor:  Mike Whitehead and Nate Martin

Explore jazz in a fun supportive environment.
We will be using simple jazz/blues tunes to explore the key components of jazz; rhythm, harmony, melody, improvisation and group interplay. Come to learn what jazz is all about or to expand your existing knowledge. All instruments and voices are welcome.

The Jazz Ensemble is free for any students currently enrolled in private-instruction at Bay Chamber Music School.