Group Classes

Beginning in fall of 2017 – Some of the Group Classes we offer include Ukulele Group, Jazz Ensemble, and Music Exploration.

Ukulele Group Classes

"There is a ukulele revolution going on…" An accessible, portable, inexpensive instrument for all ages, the ukulele can enrich your life and add a new dimension to family and community music making. In the 8-week courses students will learn the basic chords and strums necessary to play a varied repertoire of popular, folk and classical music. Resources will be made available to explore the instrument above and beyond this basic course. Students provide their own instrument and tuner. The instructor will provide the music, instruction and inspiration. Ukulele: it makes people happy!

uke class

Ukulele Group Class
Date & Time: Mondays 6:30-7:30PM
Starting on October 16
Cost: $60/6-week session
Instructor: Jeff Weinberger
This Continuing Beginner level class will emphasize song learning. Through the songs of varied styles and techniques, students will learn not only more about uke playing, but also basic musicianship.

This session of Jeff Weinberger’s Ukulele Group Class begins with 3 weeks dedicated to single note, melody and scale studies and 3 weeks of chord melody playing (playing chords and melody simultaneously like piano or jazz and classical guitar).

Students should bring their own instrument and electronic tuner. Players must know at least 6 chords and be able to play a simple song all the way through. The entire spectrum of "intermediate" level playing will be covered though, and all players will have an equally important role.

Sax and Guitar

Jazz Ensemble for the Fall of 2017

Date & Time: Mondays 6:00 – 7:00PM,

Starting on October 2
Cost: $80/ 8 week session
Instructor:  Mike Whitehead and Nate Martin

Explore jazz in a fun supportive environment.
We will be using simple jazz/blues tunes to explore the key components of jazz; rhythm, harmony, melody, improvisation and group interplay. Come to learn what jazz is all about or to expand your existing knowledge. All instruments and voices are welcome.

The fall session will concentrate on tunes with simple form and harmonic structure. This makes it easier for members to find their voice in the music and to get the feel of playing jazz. We will also concentrate on improvising and getting an ensemble sound. At the end of the semester we welcome you all to perform and show your progress at one of our Winter performances.

The Jazz Ensemble is free for any Bay Chamber students currently enrolled in private-instruction at Bay Chamber Music School.

Music Exploration: Hum, Strum, Drum & Play
Date & Time: Fridays 1:00pm
(6 week session beginning 10/6/17)
Cost: $60/6 week session
Instructor: Jessica Day

Music Exploration: Hum, Strum, Drum & Play allows children ages 6-9 to explore the world of music by making music (playing and listening) in a group setting. Children learn basic music concepts and skills using a variety of percussion instruments, recorder and ukulele. Students also learn fun and age-appropriate ways to sing and express themselves. They’ll sing, move, play, improvise (ensemble and solo work) and listen to a wide range of music. Everyone’s allowed to develop at their own pace and encouraged to reach toward their potential. This class is a great choice for students who are considering lessons, as a companion to private instruction, or anyone who wants to explore the world of music.


Six More Classes for the Insatiably Curious
Tuesdays 11AM - Noon
Starting October 10th
$60 for 6 week session
Instructor: Malcolm Brooks
Bay Chamber Recital Hall

Through discussions and casual presentations, we will return to some unsolved musical mysteries and venture into new ones.

Possible mysteries include: Why does some music feel particularly sensual? What would a blues song by Bach sound like? What do musicians actually think while they are improvising? When people are tapping their feet on the floor, are they all also lifting their feet at the same time? How do painting and sculpture influence music? How does a melody actually communicate an emotion? How does a music score change a film? Do trained musicians secretly play by ear?