Suzuki Violin Lessons and Group Classes

Suzuki Violin

Twinkle Tots (for 3-4 year olds and their parents)

Date & Time: Please check back in the Spring.
Cost: TBD
InstructorSarah Glenn

An introduction to the Suzuki Method for parents and their children. In this class, children will make Suzuki box violins and learn how to stand, hold the violin and bow, and spend time listening and playing various games that introduce the Suzuki method. This class is a great way to assess if your child is developmentally ready for private lessons, and to see if the Suzuki method is right for your child and family.

Twinklers (for children who have learned Twinkle but are still learning to read music)

Date & Time: Tuesdays 3:30-4:15pm
Cost: TBD
InstructorSarah Glenn

The Suzuki Philosophy

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki founded the Suzuki method based on the belief that children learn music best in the same way they learn language from their parents. Also called the "Mother Tongue" method, Suzuki students learn first aurally, by listening, and through repetition. Once basic technique is established, students begin reading music, typically at the same time they begin reading in school. The Suzuki method is also called "Talent Education" and "Ability Development" under the premise that anyone can become a fine musician with the right kind of guidance.

Role of Parents

Because the Suzuki method is built around the idea of learning music the same way we learn language, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the parent-child relationship. Parents are expected to attend all lessons and classes, practice with their child, and create an environment at home that is conducive to learning. This does not mean that parents must be musical; rather it means that they too must be willing to learn and be an active participant in the child’s music education.

Program Structure and Attendance

The Suzuki program at Bay Chamber Music School includes a weekly private lesson, a weekly group class, and recitals and performances (both group and solo) throughout the year. Private lessons are essential for students to grow in technique, musicality and ability. Group lessons teach students to play with other children and reinforce what all the students are learning in their private lessons. All Suzuki students study the same repertoire, and the group environment serves as a wonderful motivator and learning experience for children. Participation in private lessons, group classes and performances is mandatory and regular attendance is expected.

To register for classes, click here to download the 2016-17 Registration Forms, Policies and Calendar; mail in the registration form with payment or bring in the registration form and payment to the first class. If you have any questions please contact Joan Kulle, 236-2823;

The Bay Chamber Approach
  • Thoughtful Student Placement
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Access to Live Performance
  • Professional Musicians/Educators
  • Financial Aid/Scholarships
  • Individualized Goal Setting and Evaluations

"Emma left your lesson yesterday feeling so well-strong, happy and....just...well, set free"
--Pam Walsh, Music School Student Parent