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Odeon Holiday Concert

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017, 6:30pm

Rockport Opera House, Rockport


Odeon was founded in 2000 by Monica Kelly. In 2006 it merged with Bay Chamber and has grown to over 40 members and three ensembles. Members of Odeon Ensembles are given the opportunity for complimentary tickets to select concerts each year. Participation in the Odeon Ensemble program is free to students fully enrolled in Bay Chamber’s private instruction program.

The mission of the Odeon Ensemble Program is to offer musicians the opportunity to:

Play in a variety of ensemble settings, including full orchestra, chamber ensembles and as soloists.

Develop the musical skills necessary for ensemble play.

Foster connections between students in the program, both in and outside of rehearsals.

Perform orchestral and other string works in concert settings that are open to the public.

The annual holiday performance features the Odeon Brandenburg Ensemble and Odeon Adult Orchestra, joined by our Suzuki Twinklers and other special guests from Bay Chamber’s Music School.


Eleanor Poe Barlow and Caroline E. Seamans in honor of the Music Makers of Odeon